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Hello to all my readers!

I am Neetha, a Candid Photographer by profession and Venky my hubbman an IT professional. We are the face behind our Blogs and Photography. We both love photography and what better way to showcase pictures of our travel and food with the stories, experiences behind it than blogging 🙂

Roventure Diaries…

Rove is nothing but travelling constantly and we consider each travel is nothing less than an adventure. Hence the name “Roventure“. We love travelling. The experiences with each travel is different and blogging about it help us to relive those moments.

Travelling helps to discover yourself, in developing your skills. It gives a different perspective and also challenges you at times. Once you do, it gives a sense of accomplishment and peace of mind. It’s a stress-buster for us, every trip changes our thoughts in big or small way. So we have decided to travel our way and share those adventures here with you all.

Travel, Capture, Live in the moment!!!

Gobbled Stories…

My extreme love for food inspired me to start this journey. Blogging and reviewing various restaurants, food they serve, ambience of the place gives me a different feel and depth. Food has been one of my interests, which also motivates me to try out some new recipes back home. I do try to add a twist in any existing recipes to see how well it works out. Being a photographer, I can say that capturing food on frame is like an art on plate. I love to capture the colors and texture of it.

Through Gobbled Stories, I will narrate my experiences, restaurant reviews, tried recipes, basically food, food and more food.

Capture, Eat, Relish!

Hope you have a great read!

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