Pasta Street – The Italian route!

Italian cuisine has always been my adored choice. It offers an abundance of taste yet simplicity with just few ingredients. Pasta Street is one such place which serves some great Italian food curated and perfectly served for the Indian palate.

Pasta Street has enormous options in their menu, it’s not so easy to choose from! This wide variety makes them stand out from the rest. Pasta Street is located on 100ft Road, Indiranagar. Google maps are accurate. They have parking facility as well. I was here on Review invite with my friend for an afternoon lunch.


A fine dining decor place with wide seating arrangements for both large and small groups. They have indoor and few outdoor seating facilities as well. Small bar counter setup lifts the ambience. Abstract light fixtures complete the look. This place is spacious and gives a very comfortable dining experience.

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Drinks to start with:

We were served with Spicy Devil Drink and Oreo Frappe. Spicy Devil Drink was good!! We repeated the order 🙂 Oreo Frappe was good, with Mocha, hint of coffee and Oreo cookies blended well with ice. Topped with whipped cream, was a visual treat!

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Soups and Starters:

Ordered one of my favorites from the soup section, Cream of Mushroom. My friend tried Chicken and Mushroom soup. They were served at right temperature and was pretty comforting.


From the Antipasti section we were served Hot Chilli and Cheese Garlic Bread. Pepper sauce with loads of Cheese, Jalapenos, Chilli flakes on top of Garlic Bread. This was really delicious. Pesto Cheesy Garlic Bread, Pesto sauce and Cheese served on top of
Garlic Bread. This was fine, but felt a little dry. Spaghetti Omelette  scrambled eggs with garlic, onions and Spaghetti mixed with cheese and Chef’s secret recipe. I had never tried something like this before, it was good.




Main Course:

Moving onto Main Course we were served Verona Exotica, fresh veggies chopped and spread generously on the thin crust pizza base with loads of cheese! This was good. Spicy Chicken Prato, with diced chicken, smoked chicken sausages, onions, green chillies, Jalapeno pepper to give that zesty flavour with cheese to top it! My friend quite liked the taste of it.

So that was the Pizza affair, moving to Pasta 🙂 Pasta Al Pomodoro, a medium spicy sauce with Char grilled Chicken bits, peppers and onions. My pal liked the Pasta and gave a thumbs up to this one. I was served Ravioli stuffed with Cottage cheese and Spinach in a Mix Sauce. My pasta was really good, rich creamy sauce, perfect ravioli and great flavors.

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We were completely stuffed and decided to just grab a portion of Dessert. Ordered a Blueberry Baked Cheese Cake. Taste wise it was good, but the crust was little moist.

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Overall Experience:

Overall experience was awesome!! Good company with good food is always a hit 🙂 They offer such wide variety of options for Pizzas and Pasta. Courteous and prompt staff.

Good Job team !!

I would love to hear from you all. Do leave a comment below if you have been to this restaurant and also your favourites.

Gobbled ratings :

Taste4 out of 5 🙂

Ambiance: 4.5 out of 5 🙂

Service: 5 out of 5 🙂

Quality: 4 out of 5 🙂

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