Exclusionary experience of Momos @ 30Square

If you are a Momo Lover, then don’t miss visiting this place! I was lucky enough to make  it through Bloggers meet 🙂 This restaurant is one of its kind, they have some unique innovations on Momos and have achieved tasty results. Its located on Koramangala 5th Block just opposite to Black Pearl restaurant. Zomato and google maps are accurate. Parking is little difficult.


Black and bright Yellow are the dominating colors of this restaurant. A small cozy place on first floor seats few people, its meant for a quick grab.


Drinks to start with:

We started of with couple of Chillers, Lemonade, Raw Mango Tango, Lemon Ice Tea, Cold Coffee with Ice cream and Vanilla shake. My personal pick would be Raw Mango Tango.

Soups and Starters:

Since Momo is predominant here, all the dishes are curated around that. We started out with their signature dishes Mixed Veg Jhol Momo Soup. This was very delicious, flavor was amazing and perfectly balanced. This is a traditional Nepali soup with a little twist. The quantity is good enough for 2 people.


Charcoal Momos, this was one of its kind and absolutely unique. The taste was amazing!! Its a must try dish, highly recommended. Momos were super soft and filling was just perfect. Cheese and fresh Mushrooms were used as filling which was balanced to perfection.

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We also tried Coriander Momos, It was a Afghani style Momo tossed in rich creamy white sauce. This was good in terms of flavor profile. My friends tried Tandoori style Chilli Cheese Chicken Momos which was marinated with Indian spices and charred. They absolutely liked it.

Main Course:

Make your own Wok, customization available to suit your preference. We took base as Flat noodles, Mushroom, Mix Peppers, Baby Corn, Broccoli, Paneer and Sauce was Hot Garlic topped with sesame seeds and spring onions. This was totally worth trying. Hot garlic sauce was perfect not too spicy nor bland.


Next was the Cheesy Veg Wai Wai Wok, Noodles dipped in flavorful stock and generously topped with Mozzarella cheese. There are customization available for this dish as well. This was bang on in terms of flavor. It was really great. Quantity fills two people easily.


Veg Sizzler was something i wanted to try here. They customized even this, we were served half rice and half noodles with the choice of ginger garlic pepper sauce and french fries by the side. This was good, sizzling hot!

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There was one more unique dish which i would like to mention here, Chicken Momo Wrap. My friends tried them and they gave a positive feedback about it.


We were almost full, but we decided to give a try on dessert 🙂


We decided to take one portion of dessert and relish as we were already stuffed by the multitude of food served to us.. Ordered a Sizzling Brownie with Ice cream. This was just perfect to end such a scrumptious meal. Brownie tasted great!

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Overall Experience:

One of best Momos i have ever had in recent times! My overall experience was good in terms of food and service. Since its a quick eatery place, the service is pretty fast. I would love to go back again anytime for such brilliant food served here!

I would love to hear from you all. Do leave a comment below if you have been to this restaurant and also your favorites. A must try – Charcoal Momos 

Gobbled Ratings:

Taste4.5 out of 5 🙂

Ambiance: 3.5 out of 5 🙂

Service: 4 out of 5 🙂

Quality: 4.5 out of 5 🙂

                                                         Capture, Eat, Relish!


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