A Day at Savera Naturals Farmstay!

A big Hello to all my readers! Its been such a while I blogged here 🙂 Sometime work eats up most of the time and leaves you with only intends of blogging ;P Ok, to start of I wanted to blog about this place where I had been sometime back called Savera Naturals Farmstay!  Its a beautiful Farmstay at Sakleshpur far away from city hustle amidst such serene nature!



A Humble couple ( Merwin and Regina ) run this place, they are natural farmers by profession who grow their own produce without any chemical interactions, all natural way. The Farmstay is within the estate and it was such a beauty!


We started from Bangalore and reached the place early afternoon, decided to explore the estate. The estate is filled with variety of Spices, Medicinal plants, Domestic produce plants and various other natural trees. Regina took us to home garden opposite to the Farmstay where she enthusiastically showed us the Vegetable and fruits they had grown which they use for regular consumption. We plucked some vegetables which would be used for lunch that day. It was a wonderful experience!





As we walked through the estate, Merwin ( The Man behind Savera Naturals ) was patiently explaining us all the types of plants grown there and their benefits. He answered all our queries regarding the farming methods they use and how they process the final product. All are done using Natural, zero chemical method, Organically.


They grow different Spices like Black pepper, Cardamom, Turmeric, Coffee beans, Fruits and Vegetables, Medicinal plants for Oil extraction etc. We got lot of information on these produce and how beneficial they are! It was a long tour for us and we were very hungry by then. On reaching the Farm stay, Regina was kind enough to offer us a delicious meal and for our surprise it was all zero cooked food! She had made delicious food using the produce which we placed earlier that day from her home garden. I was awestruck if one can prepare such delicious meal without actual cooking!


It was definitely filling and the after effect of having such food was great. I was totally impressed by her cooking skills! She makes some amazing dishes with using only few ingredients and makes it super delicious. Post lunch we took a round of their backyard garden where most of the fruits and vegetables are grown. Everything was so peaceful there, time passed by as we picked up few more vegetables and leafy greens for dinner.


A scrumptious delicious meal was cooked by Regina yet again. Simple home cooked meal with veggies was heart filling! We called it night. Next morning we woke up early for a Forest walk. It was such a peaceful walk with morning mist, exploring the nature. This was worth doing!


They also have 2 pet Mudhol dogs who are absolute humble ones, we loved spending time with them.


Post walk we had some yummy home cooked breakfast called Pundi ( Mangalorean Cuisine ).


Then it was time for us to leave 🙂 We headed back with loads of memories! A beautiful place to explore nature closely.


Merwin and Regina couldn’t thank them enough for making our stay so comfortable. Would love to visit them soon!

They also have some amazing products do check them on our website www.houseofprakriti.com or on www.saveranaturals.in

4 thoughts on “A Day at Savera Naturals Farmstay!

  1. Thanks Neethu for your kind words. It was truly our pleasure to have you guys over. Thanks also to both you and Venky for some great pictures! Do come again. You are most welcome to visit us anytime.

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