Jalsa – A Royal Experience!

This is one of the restaurant which fascinated me from the moment I set my foot in! Jalsa indeed is true to its name - enjoyment and fun. Its a traditional Mughlai cuisine restaurant which gives an unique experience of both beautiful ambience and food served here. Jalsa is located on Outer Ring Road opposite … Continue reading Jalsa – A Royal Experience!

Malabar Bay – Malabar Cuisine at its best!

The term Malabar was used to denote the entire south-western coast of the Indian peninsula earlier. The name is derived from Malayalam words, wherein Mala refers to hill and pur refers to region which later on got modified as bar. Hence the name Malabar.  Kerala is still referred to as Spice Garden of India and they majorly export spice … Continue reading Malabar Bay – Malabar Cuisine at its best!